What makes GILSONITE different from other natural asphalts


GILSONITE does NOT contribute to low temperature cracking. This is contrary to logic and experience with other bitumen modifiers that also impart hardness. The semi-polymeric nature of GILSONITE and its unique chemical composition are responsible for this unusual behavior.

The high asphaltene content and high molecular weight function mainly as a solution thickener or flow controller. These two factors are the main reason for the improvement in the pavement stability characteristics

The high nitrogen content of GILSONITE gives the modified bitumen better adhesion to aggregate which improves stripping characteristics, as well as oxidation resistance.

GILSONITE only needs 1/3 of other natural asphalts to give even better performance. Due to its pureness, only a replacement of 5 – 13 % of the actual bitumen content show significant improvement in stiffness and resistance to deformation as well as ductility and viscosity.





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