Europhalt +

Our Europhalt+ is a granulated high performance mastic asphalt, which was developed for the areas of street maintenance and street repair. The product family of Europhalt+ currently includes the Europhalt+ 0/3 and the Europhalt+ 0/4.

 2015-04-28 Europhalt

The material can be processed with an asphalt heater or simply with a burner.


Processing, handwork

IMG_20160809_094218     IMG_20160809_094230     IMG_20160809_094435

First, clean the surface thoroughly. Then heat it up a little bit and use the bituminous primer. Melt the material with a burner (for optimal results, we recommend the use of the Super-Turbo-Burner). Now, the Europhalt+ can be leveld with a spatula.

IMG_20160809_094623     IMG_20160809_094740     IMG_20160809_094803

It is possible to level the material nearly until 0 mm. Asphalt tools out of wood and asphalt release agent allow an easy application. Afterwords, the material needs to be sprinkled with bituminous grit.


Application, handwork, asphalt heater, demarcation

                 with a burner                               with an asphalt heater               demarcation after minor milling


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